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Park JIwon shot by Park Jimin at Surreal but Nice Spring 2014 collection, Seoul Fashion Week


#beautiful👌 (at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA))

answer mask


While at VCU, I worked at the Special Collections part of the library where I pulled artist books and comics for people. They have the entire Eisner Award collection. It was like Scrooge McDuck’s swimming pool fool of gold. I definitely spent a good amount of time reading Watchmen. 

I did mixtape/album covers for a while. Logos for random people, too. This was unfortunately not that fun, as people would try and get over on me at times. Other times, they’d be straight up rude and demanding. I learned a lot about valuing myself and my work (the hard way). 

After I finished art school, I needed some kind of job, so I did caricatures at an amusement park for two years. I worked there with my good friend Chris Visions. When it wasn’t crazy hectic we had some good times there, drawing silly faces, goofing off and having late night meals at Waffle House. 

 I worked at an art store for about a year before they went out of business. After I lost my job there, I took it as a catalyst to try to commit and make something happen with my drawings.

Oh, I also was an Eva pilot somewhere in there… 

If you didn’t know, Richie and I both worked for NERV at some point in time…

album art


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@chrisvisions doing the damn thing✊ #deadletters (at Big Planet Comics)

Bygones killin&#8217; it like always with their window displays of beauty👌✨ #gorgeous (at Bygones Vintage Clothing)